How to Find Craft Shows in Your Area

How to Find Local Craft Fairs

There are a lot of sites out there that will help you find craft fairs in your area. There are a few good nationwide directories as well as some regional directories and local craft groups that provide recommendations. Here are a few of the top ways to find local fairs where you can sell your handmade items.

Directory Sites:

Festival Network – This is one of the biggest and most popular directory online. You can click on one of the states listed to be taken to your specific state page. They show upcoming events for the next couple months and you can click on get more details for more information.

Art and Craft Yellow Pages – Eastern USA – First you select your state to be taken to the full list. What is nice about this site is it shows a full years of events.

Craftmasternews – Western USA. Links to the site above.

Artsandcraftshows-USA - This site is nice because after you select your state they list the craft shows for the month along with a website for the event and a contact number. Some sites make you subscribe for this information.

Sunshine Artist – This site lists craft shows throughout the USA and Canada.

Directory Site Tips – A lot of sites list upcoming fairs and shows but do not list all the details like the event website or contact information. Often, simply searching for the event in Google will bring up their website with more specifics. Just copy and paste the name of the event and the location and hit search.

Regional Sites – One example of a regional site you may come across is Midwest Art Fairs. They list shows in South Dakota, North Dakota, Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

Artfaircalendar – This is a good site that focuses on more specific larger cities.

Getting Referrals Online:

Etsy Teams – There are a lot of craft shows going on just about everywhere but it can be hard to choose ones that are worthwhile attending. That is when it is good to get referrals from other sellers in your area.

Take a look at Etsy’s Teams and type your state into the search box. There are often state teams as well as niche groups. You are bound to find some local craft show recommendations and show reports there.

Tip – There may be a lot of local teams in your state and there may even be one devoted to festivals and shows. In addition to state teams there may also be one for your specific area so be sure to scroll through the list to find the closest one.

Finding more shows with Google – There are a lot of smaller, local websites that list their events. In addition to the links above, do some Google searches that include your state or county if you want to get really specific. Here are some examples:

craft shows Georgia

craft fairs Georgia

festivals Georgia

Getting Referrals In Person: - Another great way to find out the best shows for your crafts and handmade items is to take some time and visit local shows in person. Talk to the vendors and find out which shows they attend and recommend. Often times seasoned sellers have found out which events are better than others and those are the ones they attend on a yearly basis. What shows do they keep coming back to year after year?

Good luck selling locally

Richard Walker


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