How to Sell Crafts Online Free

How to Sell Crafts Online for Free

Obviously there are a lot of places online where you can pay to list and sell your handmade items, but can you sell them online for free instead? It is possible and here are some ways.

I will start with the easiest and that is Craigslist. In 5 minutes you can have your items online and for sale and their site gets more traffic than any other free classified site. Use large detailed photos and write a detailed description. Make sure to choose the correct category. Experiment with different titles and try different listing times to see which gives the best result. Try listing your items on the weekends when people are off work and are out and about. New listings will push your listing further down the list and the most recent postings get the most exposure. List your items when people would be available to come take a look at your items. Plan on relisting your items weekly. Your customers would be local so you would not have to do any shipping and the payments would usually be cash so you would not have any credit card transaction fees.

If you want a worldwide audience and do not mind shipping your items you can set up a website for free. Here are a couple ways to do it.

You can set up a free WordPress site and use Paypal for accepting payments. To be totally free you could accept money orders.

A second option for having a free website is Weebly. It has a simple drag and drop interface and integrates with Paypal.

In order to sell you will need people to come to your website. The reason I talked about Craigslist first is because they get a lot of daily traffic. When you set up your own website you will need to drive traffic to your site. A free way to do that is through Facebook.

You can set up a free Facebook Fan Page for your free website and share it with all your contacts. Post photos and short descriptions of all your handmade items with links to your free website where you can take orders.

Also use Craigslist to drive traffic to your free website. List an item with a good description and photos and put a link to your website where people can view more of your designs and make purchases.

Fortunately there are a lot of free resources out there that can help you sell your crafts online for free. You can use more than one of them and have them work together to get the exposure you will need.


Good luck with your selling



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