Paypal Invoices not Showing Pay Now Button

Nothing to Click to Make Payment through Paypal Invoice

I received the invoice, but there is no way to pay. Is there a button to click? If this is something you are hearing from your customers after you send them an invoice for your handmade items, you are not alone.

I recently did an article about how you need to let customers know before you send them a Paypal invoice that the invoice may show up in the spam folder. Depending on their inbox setting, actually viewing it may be an issue as well.

The body of the Paypal invoices are in a text format but the actual payment button is an image. Your customer will need to click the option “display images” which is above the email before they can see the button. Each inbox is going to be a little different but they each have something to click to show images.

When the “Pay Now” image is not displayed the invoice shows “Click here to pay instantly with Paypal!”, but it has a line through it. I do not know why it gets displayed like this but I have had numerous issues and questions from customers because of it.

The next time you send a customer a Paypal invoice for one of your custom handmade items and do not hear back in a day or two, send them an email to make sure they check their spam folder and also let them know about the payment button.

Also, see my article: Paypal Invoice Showing up in Spam Folder

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