Selling Handmade Items Year Round

Handmade Items that You Can Sell Year Round – And Beyond

When you are thinking up things to make and sell, you can go in a variety of directions. You could do custom projects, use recycled materials, create one-off originals, do seasonal designs, or go for evergreen type items. While all designs take time to initially develop, opting for an evergreen approach can end up paying you back for years to come.

What is an evergreen product? – I am referring to a type of handmade item or artwork that sells year round (is not seasonal), and can be remade and sold again and again (not limited by material availability).

Benefits of evergreen designs:

They can sell year round – It is totally up to you if you decide to create seasonal items. You may create special items for certain holidays to mix in with your regular offerings or your plan could be to make all your sales a couple times a year, but you do not have to.

In the time it takes to design a seasonal item, you could create a piece that could be sold throughout the year, and for years to come.

They are made with attainable materials – If you had a request to remake one of your handmade items, could you, and would you want to? If you love the idea of being able to sell something over and over, you will have to make sure that you can get the materials again, at any time.

This can be a challenge or may be impossible if you use vintage or recycled materials in your designs. Even if you could find the materials again, you would still be unsure of the total supply and could not get them on a moment’s notice. When your materials are in a limited supply, the number of future sales you can make is greatly reduced.

You can continue selling them indefinitely – As long as you want to keep making a certain design and people are still buying, you can continue to offer it on your site. All you will need to do is pick up more materials and start building. There may never be a need to remove it from your site. It doesn’t cost anything to keep the listing up on your personal site and you could continue to sell your items years after you came up with the original.

About the only thing that would prevent you from continuing to sell a design would be if it went out of style or if there is no application for it anymore. Some styles and colors stand the test of time and others are fads.

If you make accessories, like handmade cases for the latest electronic device, your items will have about the same lifespan as the gadget you are designing them for.  Obviously you could continue to try and sell these items, but there may not be any buyers when new devices are introduced.

Some designs are home runs – Have you ever made something that was one of a kind, but you ended up getting a lot of requests for it? Maybe you even got a mention in a popular blog or magazine. While it is great to be popular, it can be very frustrating if you cannot capitalize on it by making more of the design.

Consider the long term – As you are coming up with your designs. The amount of time and effort that goes into making a one-off piece, seasonal item, or an evergreen type item, is very similar. The key difference is that with an evergreen item you can create the listing once and stand the chance of making consistent sales of the design, nearly indefinitely.

Good luck with your selling

Richard Walker


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