Sites Like Etsy

Sites Like Etsy

How do they compare from a traffic standpoint?

One of the main reasons you would choose to sell your crafts and handmade items on a marketplace is traffic. Compared to your own personal website where you are responsible for bringing people in to see your items, popular marketplaces have their own traffic. The more popular the marketplace, the more likely they are to bring in views to your items.

So what are the most popular marketplaces and how do they compare to Etsy?

Where the data comes and

Visitors Per Month – This data comes from Compete. They calculate the number of unique visitors to each site per month. They only count each visitor once, even if they come back multiple times. The estimated monthly traffic is from the US only.

Alexa Global Ranking – This is a rough estimate of a site’s popularity compared to all others on the web, based on a few factors. It is a combination of average daily visitors and pageviews, calculated over a 3 month period. The highest ranking a site can get is #1. Sites with lower numbers have a higher combination of visitors and pageviews.

Are the numbers accurate? – From my research, the numbers for the more popular sites, under Alexa 1000 or so tend to be more accurate than the ones for the less popular sites. That is not saying that any of the numbers are extremely accurate though. The only way to get really accurate numbers is to have access to the analytics of each site, and only the owner’s have that information. For an outsider, using these data companies along with a couple others are the only way to a general idea of a site’s traffic.

Will this affect your decision on where to sell? – Most sellers of handmade items and crafts are one person operations. This means there are a limited number of places where they can sell and actually manage on a weekly basis. When you are limited you have to have priorities. If you decide to sell on two or three marketplaces for example and you want to choose which ones are likely to give you the most success, then site popularity and traffic to the site may be your key criteria.

By gathering data and numbers like this, even though they may not be really accurate, you can definitely see exponential differences. Some sites are estimated to get up to 200 times the number of visitors per month versus others. If only for comparison reasons, numbers like this definitely show who the biggest players are in the market.

Here’s The Data


Estimated unique visitors per month – 10.9 million

Alexa Global Ranking – 150

Ebay vs Etsy:

Estimated unique visitors per month – 89 million

Alexa Global Ranking – 20

Artfire vs Etsy:

Estimated unique visitors per month – 466,000

Alexa Global Ranking – 11,900

Bonanza vs Etsy:

Estimated unique visitors per month – 703,000

Alexa Global Ranking – 6,849

Luulla vs Etsy:

Estimated unique visitors per month – 50,000

Alexa Global Ranking – 97,200

Zibbet vs Etsy:

Estimated unique visitors per month – 47,000

Alexa Global Ranking – 74,966

Dawanda vs Etsy:

Estimated unique visitors per month – 28,700

Alexa Global Ranking – 2,079

Keep in mind that Dawanda is European based and has multiple sites.  The number shown here is the traffic they get from the US.  The are a very large marketplace overseas so their total traffic is probably much higher.

Lilyshop vs Etsy:

Estimated unique visitors per month – roughly 17,000

Alexa Global Ranking – 581,238

Silkfair vs Etsy:

Estimated unique visitors per month – roughly 17,000

Alexa Global Ranking – 443,500

Takeaway – This is more of a popularity list. Keep in mind though that different sites may cater to a different demographic and to a different type of handmade item. Ebay is the largest marketplace, but they also cater to everything. Etsy on the other hand is extremely popular and focuses primarily on handmade and vintage.

When choosing a venue or marketplace to sell your particular handmade items, you could use traffic data like this to see which sites to consider first. You could go down the list and choose the most popular site that is also the best fit for your particular type of items for instance.

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